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6 Attainable Tips For Your Car Battery To Remain In Best Condition

There is nothing more awful than a situation when you are sitting in your car in a jolly mood and find that the car battery has failed. The sheer thought of going on finding someone with a working car, taking out the jumper cables and approaching your local car repair shop is fearsome. Only a roadside response service can save you from such a situation if you have become a member of such a company. Know about car battery prices from Roadside Response to get an idea of how light your wallet would be for car battery replacement. Therefore the experts from the roadside assistance company share here tips to maintain a car battery and save on battery replacement.

1. Keep Your Car Functional

For keeping your car battery in top condition, it’s necessary in the first place that your car is always running. If you are under the impression that by not driving frequently, the battery expenditure would be less, or if you have multiple cars (so that one of the cars might not be coming into frequent usage) or you are just not a regular driver, you may have to face dead batteries more often than you prefer. The reason for this is that if a car is left parked and off for longer periods, your car battery is slowly drained. Running provides your alternator enough time to recharge the battery; thus it won’t be dead when next time you turn it on.

2. Keep the Battery Clean

Corrosion and accumulation of dirt are common for car batteries. They are bad for its charge and instead of having a new battery, you can take a simple measure of keeping the battery and the space around it clean. You just have to wipe it down to remove all the dirt and grime in a few minutes and that will give you days of a charged battery.

3. Insulate the Battery

Batteries can be dead even because of extreme temperatures. Both, too hot and too cold situations are bad for battery charge. That’s the reason why several drivers with their batteries surrounded by a wiggle room add insulation. Just like your home, batteries can be insulated so as to control temperatures, and consequently prolong their life. However, remember to use a particular insulation blanket for the purpose. Don’t wedge various sorts of materials in the gaps around the battery.

4. Jump Gently

Say you end up in a dead battery; starting it again is crucial for its overall lifespan. For example, the charge of a colder battery can be hurt by jumping, while if the battery is warmer, jumping will not hurt it much. So, if you are not short of time, consider opening the hood and keeping the car into sunlight. Allow the battery to warm up a bit before you jump it.

5. Unplug Your Gadgets

You should keep your phone charged always, but not at the cost of your car’s battery. Rather than leaving your gadgets plugged inside your car all the time, charge them in the car only if necessary. This will reduce the load on your car battery and allow it to last longer.

6. Don’t Forget Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your car ensures a longer life of your car battery. Don’t forget to take your car for regular inspections and tune-ups. A poorly maintained engine can put strain on your battery, harming its charge. Also, an irregularly serviced battery can be easily dead. So, it’s smart to talk to your mechanic, set a maintenance schedule and follow it.

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