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6 Problems Only Car Owners Can Relate to

We love to own a car, but it does come with a new list of worries and problems. Here are the most unexpected things only a car owner can understand.

Failing to correctly evaluate your car’s size

When you need to find a parking spot you are definitely going to have this problem. Women tend to have it more often than men, but after driving in circles for an hour, anyone is going to think their car fits any parking spot, not matter its size.

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New scratches

For a car, scratches are like acne: they tend to show up all the time, in the most unexpected places. All car owners know that feeling when you look at the car after doing some shopping and you wonder if that little scratch was there before you entered the store. Suddenly, everyone becomes a suspect, from the mom who parked near you to the teen who keeps riding its bike around your car. You can find some tips on how to protect your car from new scratches if you click here.

You never know how long it will take until you run out of gas

Technically, you do know, because your gas light on the dashboard lights up, but you always hope this time you will be able to reach your job one more time before the gas light turns on. To avoid this worry, make sure you put in some extra gas the next time you drive pass a petrol station. After all, it does always better not have to deal with the pressure of the gas light.

Bad timing between car washes and rain

You eventually managed to wash your car after two weeks of driving a dirty vehicle. You are happy, the car is shiny and everything is sunshine. But the weather! A rain is always near after we wash our cars, ruining the results and making us car owners wonder why did we had to spend those money on the wash instead of another unnecessarily thing.

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Car guests you are never prepared for

When your car is in pristine condition you are always alone, but when you have a dirty, smelly car, you have to drive someone to somewhere. We are never ready for car guests and every time when someone is entering your car they have to put up with forgotten clothes, fast food containers and other bunch of things we don’t want to mention. And you know they will judge you, even if they say they are OK with it.

People can see inside your car

If you are not one of those people who have tinted windows, people can see inside your car. They will see your collection of office/driving/party shoes; they will see your makeup kit and all the other things you’ve been keeping inside your car, turning it into your second home. However, it’s better to be embarrassed than having to return home to change your clothes or because you’ve forgotten your favorite pair of gloves.

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