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Honoring the reputation of Davidson

It is such a matter of joy and thrill to be a pride owner of the famous Harley Davidson. The fantastic fans of the motor bike are spread all over the world. The motor bike makes you to be always on the move discovering the new adventures of the road and discovering the new horizon of fun and adventure. If you have to adore and beautify your such a darling then you can trust no one else but the Pro Pad who does not run the business but passion. If they launch any products then they launch after they are very sure about the quality which should imperatively be equal if not surpass the quality of the famous Harley bikes.

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Why have motor cycles flag on your motor cycles?

Flags are mounted on the motor bike to show the loyalty towards the country, organization or a political party. You can show your respect and love for your country by mounting the flag of your country. Every country has its own national flags and every national flag has certain rules to be followed for flying the national flag of a particular country. As the flag of the country represents the honor, valor and the integrity of the country, hence it is a must to follow the set of rules which are there for flying the flag of the country on your motor bike.

How to fly the flag on your motor bike?

  • The flag should be displayed on the front of the vehicle. The vehicle should be displayed on the right side of the rider.
  • You should place the national flag in the center of flags if you are flying more than two flags. The size of the national flag should not be less than the size of other flags. Similarly, none of the flags should fly higher than the national flag.

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