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LudicrousNames of Japanese Cars


Shakespeare once said that “what’s in the name?” however, he stated his very name underneath, meaning names are important. The person who has a Ferrari slips the word “Ferrari” in each of his third sentence. Why? Because he feels that a Ferrari says a lot about his personality. And it sure does.

It is a status symbol and the person owning it wears it proudly. Cars have to be named so as to differentiate one from another. Naming a car is also not a child’s play as lot of thought goes into it.

Many cars are name after their owners while others are called ‘xyz’ for the way they look or the feel they give whilst driving.

In this article we have listed down the names of cars which have Japanese origins.

Mazda Bongo Friendee

Mazda was very keen on cashing in on the Bongo’s intrinsic cachet as it was previously cashed on by Ricky Martin, successfully. Also, by the cheektastic Bongo jeans company. That is why Mazda chose to keep the Bongo name around.

With time, Mazda threw out in the market the name Bongo cars Japanese auto auction in japan and not just Bongo Friendee but Bongo Brawny as well. For Mazda, it was enough to have seen a Bongo being used in a car crash scene in the film Mad Max.

We are all waiting to see how a Bongo Friendee camper will do when it is pit against a hippopotamus.

Daihatsu Charade Turbo

This is one of those cars which made it to the US. For over a long while Daihatsu sold its cars in the US such as Charade. To the world it was a joke as Charade wasn’t that great of a car but it still managed to capture the share in US market made it a force to be reckoned with.

It was clever on part of Daihatsu to market one of their sub-standard car among the long list of its high end rivals as something great. However, the customers in US never got to see the Charade Turbo.

Another announced caa auto auction Japancar by Daihatsu by the name of Charade Social Poze never saw the light of day on US soil.

The above name packed the irony, exactness and genuine elements from a Fellini film. Moreover, it was a combination of economy for fuel, the authenticity and value for money given it was a lesser known vehicle amidst the pool of its counterparts.

Honda Life Dunk

Honda is one of the notable brands in the whole wide world and is composed of metal (of course). You attach a turbocharger and it gives you a 62 horsepower. And that is what we call in basketball a slam dunk.

However, its commercials hasn’t allowed it to remain a slam dunk for our generation. But it sure is for those that had ray guns at the time and listened to swing music. And since enthusiasts during basketball matches called it as “Turbo! Dunk! Honda!” that’s how the car got its name.

Daihatsu Naked

Now why the name “Naked”? Many believed it was due to the exposed hinges and bolts that the car packed as opposed to other cars which contained sleek button downed options. Or it was due to the fact that Daihatsu isn’t into hiding anything from its customer. It lays out the feature as they are.

Plus the car carries more of a funny look due to its micro-Hummer and/or Jeep styling. They just played around a little and updated it to this name which quite frankly became synonymous with American subcompact crossovers.

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