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Vinyl On, Vinyl Off

The automotive industry, as we know, has a history. It has a history of ingenuity and it has a history of growth. Car designers like Henry Ford, William Durant, and the Dodge brothers were constantly competing for new consumers from a small, but emerging market. They were “Rivals for Life”. 

Back then it was more about function than design, form over fashion, but the cars that they produced became fashion and the men who made them became the architects of the American Industrial Revolution in the process. They were not the only ones doing the work, but they were focused on the work they did, and their products show it. 

These men, and their automobiles, were more interested in quantity sometimes then quality. Today’s automobile offers both, form and function, design and fashion. As more style goes into factory-built machines, a demand for aftermarket parts are rising to an all-time high in the 21st century. Our innovators will always be on the lookout for a niche demand so that they can supply you with a niche product. Car wraps can be used to cover any car, truck, and van. The average cost of a high-quality paint job for a 4-door sedan is $3500. The average cost for a vinyl wrap is $2000. A vinyl wrap is a cost-effective way to change the way your vehicle looks or the way your vehicle brings you more customers to the door. If you want something to change your vehicle’s exterior but you want to be able to go back to original condition, then a vinyl wrap is just what you need. It’s as easy as vinyl on, vinyl off. 

Fleetwood Wrap 

Commercial traffic will rise and fall depending on market changes. Even though the demand has waves of high and low periods, the fluctuation in demand does little to affect the over-all number of transportation, service, and sales’ vehicles that are required to be in service and that are currently operating on U.S. highways and byways or waiting to be brought into use. 

An industry devoted to analyzing tonnage sometimes forgets that it’s an informational first impression that keeps freight moving over the road instead of by air. The trucking industry may lose its ability to stay on track and forecast a bright future if it doesn’t support its members and inform them of best practices. 

What if you could take a percentage of those vehicles and turn them into moving advertisements? The benefit is twofold. One is that for every vehicle that receives a quality, marketing wrap, you now have a fleet vehicle that appears brand new and carries a message about you. The second benefit is that for every tired looking fleet vehicle you have, there’s a perfect wrap waiting for you to move your message on down the road in form and fashion, function and style. The vinyl wrap is not just for commercial uses. You see exotic supercars sporting vinyl now that demand has moved into the custom car arena. The future is bright or dark, news or blank. Vinyl on, Vinyl on.


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